Recreational Competitive Training Programs

Elite Mini’s Training Program

The ELITE Mini’s Training Program is for dancers ages 6-9 that have a strong foundation in ballet and jazz. Dancers are required to attend our Competitive Audition in the summer to be considered for the program. The ELITE Mini’s train 3 hours a week in Ballet and Jazz. The EDC Mini’s compete locally at 2 competitions a year. 

Elite Juniors Training Program

The ELITE Junior’s Training Program is for dancers ages 8-11 that have trained for 2-3 years in Ballet and Jazz. Dancers are required to attend the Competitive Audition in the summer session to be considered for the program. The ELITE Junior’s Train 8 hours a week in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Tap and compete in 3 competitions a year. .

Elite Minors Training Program

The ELITE Minor’s Training Program is for dancers ages 10-13. Dancers in this program are required to have a minimum of two-three years of ballet, lyrical and jazz.Dancers are invited into this program and train 7 hours a week in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. Elite Minors compete locally and out of town 3 times per year.


Intermediate Advance Pro Training Program

The EDC Intermediate Advance Pro Training is designed to meet every dancers specific needs and personal interests. Dancers have the option to choose his/her hours of training per week based on his/her commitment level. Dancers will be placed in either the Intermediate, Advanced, or Pro Training program based on both his/her age and ability level. The Int/Adv/Pro Training isn’t for beginning level dancers. Dancers must have at least 5 years of technical dance training prior to joining the program. In addition to the weekly Training Program, dancers will be chosen for group pieces based on ability level, commitment level and age. Pro level dancers may be placed in 5-8 group pieces, Advanced 3-6 group pieces and Intermediate 2-4 group pieces. Each group piece will have a specific weekly rehearsal time dancers are required to attend. Dancers participating in the Intermediate Advance Pro Training Program are required to participate in all In-Studio Performances as well as compete at all mandatory competitions for Elite Dance Center.

Elite Dance Center Dress Code

 Open Ballet

Females:  Leotard or sports bra, tights optional; hair off the neck; pink ballet slippers. Fitted shorts are permitted over leotard
Males:  Form fitting top; black running short above knee; black ballet slipper.  

Open Jazz and Lyrical
All dancers will be asked to wear attire that shows the line of the legs and form-fitting tops.  No sweatpants or sweatshirts will be permitted.

Open Tap and Hip-Hop
No Dress Code

In-Studio Performance Dress Code:
All Dancers must wear all black; hair must be off the neck and light makeup.  

Competition Shoes and Costumes
Additional information will be given as pieces are chosen and choreographed.