The EDC Recreational Program

Designed for beginning level dancers ranging from ages 3-18.
Level 1:  Beginning Dancers ages 3-4
Level 2:  Beginning Dancers ages 5-7
Level 3:  Beginning/Intermediate Dancers ages 8-12
Level 4:  Intermediate Dancers ages 12 and up. Invitation Only.
These dancers will compete at one recreational local competition at the discretion of the teacher.

Recreational Level 1-4 Tuition

Tuition for Level 1-4 one hour classes is $60.00 per month. (1/2 hour classes are $35)
Dancers enrolled in two or more classes at EDC will receive a $10.00 monthly discount for all additional classes. 
Dancers wishing to take only half of one of EDC 1-4 classes will be charged a monthly tuition of $30.00 per month.
Tuition is due by the 5th of every month for these classes. 
A tuition late fee of $10.00 will be added for any payment made after the 15th of every month. 
Because of the holiday and studio closing, the following month will have a reduced tuition


Recreational Level 1-4 Dance Shoes

Purchase at Studio

Recreational Level 1-4 Class Attire  

Dancers should wear form fitting outfits to class such as a leotard, tights, dance skirts, leggings, shorts, tank-tops. We now have all the required shoes and apparel at EDC!